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10:13pm October 20, 2014
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My chicken, Gus, through the first two months of his life!

My chicken, Gus, through the first two months of his life!

9:34pm October 20, 2014
Anonymous asked: You neeeeed to continue Nature Against Nurture plzzzz

I’m so glad you like it! I’m hoping other people will feel the same way! If enough inspiration finds me, I shall continue :D New chapter possibly tomorrow.

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CapitolTV’s DISTRICT VOICES - District 8’s Resourceful Style

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Nature Against Nuture

Link to story on FFN here

Chapter one:

It was the light, butter yellow fabric that first caught his attention. It hung, swaying softly in the broken window outside one of the several shops that were left abandoned in the street. The mannequin it once fit was gone, broken into several pieces beneath its surface. And yet, by some sheer stroke of luck, the outfit had managed to catch itself on a stray wire and remain, despite the elements, where it had been left.

Daryl adjusted the bow on his shoulder, eyes fixated for the first time on something other than the environment in front of him. It seemed gender neutral enough, not having any sort of print or pattern to deem otherwise. He exhaled softly, breath forming a white mist in the still air. It was perfect.

"Walkers?" a voice said from behind, causing Daryl to snap from his gaze.

Michonne eyed the archer curiously, uncertain as to what had captured his attention. Her sword was posed just in case, ready to spear the first creature that should emerge from within. But Daryl only shook his head, shrugging as he readjusted his own weapon once more.

"No," he mumbled. "Just window shoppin’ is all."

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Beth Greene 5x04 “Slabtown” clips


  • Clip 1(Beth wakes up at the hospital)->X
  • Clip 2(Beth with a male cop who is seemingly trying to rape her)->X
  • Clip 3 (Beth sees Carol in the hospital)->X
  • Clip 4(Daryl returns to group & Michonne asks “Where is Carol”)->X

Thanks Gleedom Rings for posting these!!!

7:55pm October 20, 2014

 Nature Against Nuture

Title: Nature Against Nuture

Rating: T

Characters: Beth/Daryl

Summary: The world is no place for starting a family anymore. The instinct to fight or flight far greater than any other sort of mindset now. But when Beth Greene falls victim to a fate unpredicted, Daryl Dixon most learn to cope with the arising possibility of caring for a life much greater than his own need to survive. A baby.

After being asked to do a continuation to my earlier baby one-shot, I decided to start a multi-chapter Bethyl baby story (because why not?!) Feedback greatly loved and appreciated! Let’s me know if I should could! -Jen

6:43pm October 20, 2014

Could you please make a fanfiction of the bethyl baby drabble you wrote? It was so good, I need more! 

2:34pm October 20, 2014
Anonymous asked: Are you done with Paric? You haven't updated in a while.

No I haven’t given up :) just having some writer’s block.