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11:03pm August 1, 2014


What Have i done, XD

10:50pm August 1, 2014
Anonymous asked: I have a less strange hayffie thought than your 16 children dream (which really made me laugh) anyway, one night Haymitch can't sleep due to nightmares so he cuddles Effie and starts braiding bits of her hair thinking she is unaware of it but really she can tell what he's doing, she just doesn't want to disturb him:)

Awe that’s so sweet :3 Much nicer than him impregnanting her several times over with multiple children named after a sour fruit xD

10:49pm August 1, 2014

Can I write a crack fic that will sound completely serious about Hayffie and their sixteen children named Lemon?

4:05pm August 1, 2014

I had this creepy dream where Haymitch was obsessed with having kids with Effie and they had like sixteen children…all named Lemon. I’m not kidding. Stupid sleep medication.

10:26am August 1, 2014
Anonymous asked: Do you know when you will be doing a new parent hayffie drabble? Please don't feel like I'm pressuring you, I'm just curious.

Don’t feel bad at all :) I have been debating what to write this weekend (between updating The Indigo Summer or another fic) so perhaps I’ll do a drabble since I’m off from work tomorrow. :)

10:14am August 1, 2014




5:06pm July 31, 2014




Morgan Freeman on helium!!


But what I REALLY want to hear is Morgan Freeman on sulfur hexafluoride.

3:23pm July 31, 2014
Anonymous asked: Its time for bed: what are your OTP's wearing?

Hayffie: Effie wears a thin, but completely modest light pink nightgown complete with settle arm ruffles while Haymitch wears a pair of sweat pants as the circulation to his legs is not as good as it used to be and he gets cold easily. 

Paric: Pam doesn’t believe in nightgowns or anything of that sort. To her, lingerie is the way to go. Hot pink and sometimes red, she wears a thong and a Victoria Secret bra she bought on a whim one night. Eric sometimes goes completely naked, like Pam, not seeing much need for clothes. But often he will wear a sleeveless tee-shirt and briefs.  

12:34pm July 31, 2014


30 days otp challenge - Day 17 - Spooning

everybody has those days where you just need to be the little spoon 
Day 16/Day 18

12:31pm July 31, 2014

True Blood 706 
Eric X Pam
"Our first sunrise together." T_T


True Blood 706 

Eric X Pam

"Our first sunrise together." T_T