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5:42pm July 23, 2014
Anonymous asked: Are you gonna update When the Bough Breaks soon?!?! I just read all the chapters, and am thoroughly hooked!!! I know you just updated, and I know that writing takes time, but I am dying to see what happens next! I want to meet that little Paric baby! :)

I will probably attempt to update either tomorrow or Friday! :D I am so glad you are enjoying it! I absolutely love writing it!

5:25pm July 23, 2014
Anonymous asked: Update the indigo summer plsssss

I’m currently working on an update! :) It should be ready on Saturday.

5:18pm July 22, 2014


You deserve him Lala.

5:17pm July 22, 2014
4:15pm July 22, 2014

 Brand new chapter for "When the Bough Breaks"

I really hope you all enjoy this chapter! I wasn’t planning on updating today, but I was really inspired by all of the reviews left for the last chapter! Feedback is greatly loved and appreciated! Thanks so much for the support! -Jen

10:58am July 22, 2014
Messy edit for my fanfiction “When the Bough Breaks”

Messy edit for my fanfiction “When the Bough Breaks

1:02pm July 21, 2014


So apparently Eric dropped five grand on Pam’s little sparkly clutch.

Only the very best will do for his wife (。♥‿♥。)

(Now I want to know how much that dress costs because dang, moneybags)

8:40am July 21, 2014


Somewhere in between Charles uses a smooth and or terrible pick up line.

coffeeshop AU Cherik? please pleeeease
8:39am July 21, 2014

HEADCANON; Merida realizes it before Hiccup does.

8:38am July 21, 2014

hiccup showcases his raw vikingness. merida is disgusted but also kind of impressed.